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ArtzFolio Old Retro Bicycle Against A Grungy Wall In Italy Split Art Painting Panel on Sunboard

Rs. 599.00 Rs. 1,979.00
READY TO HANG: Vinyl art print pasted on a 5mm (0.2 inch) thick sunboard | Use a double-sided adhesive tape to install | Top lamination layer on the vinyl adds to its durability & beauty
  • ELEGANT & AFFORDABLE: Magnificent split art panels precisely cut & arranged to form a creative artwork when installed together in a set | Spectacular & affordable art gift for everyone
  • MATERIAL: Premium, eco-friendly, and enhanced-finish vinyl with special textured effects
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Comes in a ready to use format | These art panels can be easily installed on any surface with a double-sided self adhesive tape (included in the pack) | Tear & fade resistant
  • QUALITY ASSURED: Protect from direct sunlight, extreme temperature, dust and moisture to ensure long life | This product is cleared for dispatch after MULTIPLE QUALITY CHECKS

  • Make your room and office walls come out alive with these magnificent split art panels having a vivid and sharp appearance.
  • The artwork is precisely cut and arranged in a set of multiple panels to make them look creative & spectacular.
  • Our advanced printing process using eco-friendly UV resistant inks guarantee that each print displays colours precisely as the artist or publisher intended.
  • It is an affordable and breathtaking gift for your loved ones for all reasons and all occasions.
  • The colours are rich and lively with a stunning visual impact and depth.
  • Protect from direct sunlight, extreme temperature, dust and moisture to ensure long life.

Beautiful interior home décor artwork gifts for Living, Drawing & Dining Room, Outdoor, Gallery, Hotels, Bar, Lounge, Restaurants, Office, Reception, Kitchen Area, Balcony and Bathroom.
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